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A one-stop management system for your healthcare agency

Designed for Disability’s Home, Aging service care and many more

Bridge Care

With features like patient case management, medication dispensing, vital sign monitoring, and attendance tracking, Bridge Care is your all-inclusive solution for healthcare facilities.


The healthcare industry is made more efficient by this web-based application, which also ensures effective staff and patient management. Bridge Care offers a centralized platform for healthcare experts, enabling them to concentrate on patient well-being while efficiently managing healthcare routines.

Bridge Care Key Features & Functionalities

Smart Medication Dispensing

Prescribe with precision, manage with ease. Elevate medication safety with electronic prowess.

Patient Record Management

Store and manage patient medical records digitally, ensuring easy access to patient histories, diagnoses, medications and treatment plans.

Integration with Medical devices

Automatically synchronise vital signs recorded by the hardware devices to the patients record.

Visitor Management

Manage the visitor with pre-booking appointment or visibilies of the visitor within your centre.

Bridge Care Benefits

Improved Patient Care

Access to comprehensive patience records Streamlined record-keeping reduces paperwork and administrative burdens.

Maintain Data Accuracy

With integration with the medical devices, error prone to manual entry is eliminated

Enhanced Medication Safety

Alerts for drug interactions and allergies prevent medication errors.


Informed Decision-Making

Identifying trends and areas for improvement enhances patients care and outcomes.

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