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Streamline your pre-school center with our all-in-one management system.

Manage your pre-school efficiently, with visibility and engagement


BridgED is a web-based application and one-stop system for pre-school centers that includes features like e-registration, e-portfolio, e-communication & alert system, and other school daily affairs that allow teachers to be dedicated to teaching and learning in classrooms with a more centralized system.

BridgED Key Features & Functionalities

icon-Mobile App Supported.png
Mobile App Supported

BridgED is supported by a mobile application developed for the parents of your students. With the application, parents can access BridgED resources such as their child’s attendance, progress report, payment status, etc right on their phones.

icon-​Customizable Interface.png
​Customizable Interface

It is easy to customize the interface of BridgED for different user groups. As such, the functionality of BridgED differs from user to user. Want to give editing rights to one particular teacher? No problem!


BridgED’s E-portfolio module can generate activity reports as well as checklist-based progress reports. Parents will appreciate being informed of their child’s educational progress.

icon-Go Paperless​.png
Go Paperless​

BridgED helps store all attendance and financial records online for easy access. BridgED even keeps track of the information of your students and their parents. Throw away the stacks of files because with BridgED, you never have to spend hours looking for trivial information anymore!

icon-Attendance Taking.png
Attendance Taking

BridgED keeps track of both student and staff attendance. Additionally, temperature and any remarks is recorded. All these information can be compiled into a daily, weekly or monthly report for analysis.

icon-Communication Platform.png
Communication Platform

BridgED offers the perfect platform for connecting with parents. It has the capacity to distribute newsletters, gather RSVPs for events, and even produce online survey!


BridgED has a finance module catered specially for preschools. Invoices and Receipts can be generated with a click of a button. BridgED can even send them directly to the parents via email. BridgED is unique in tracking both payments and subsidies/discounts. Handling preschool finances has never been easier!

BridgED Benefits

icon-Streamline Prospective Management.png
Streamline Prospective Management

Pipeline to manage the new prospective clients and ensure appropriate actions are taken.

icon-Data Enabled Decisions.png
Data Enabled Decisions

Generate reports and provide insights allowing operators to make information decisions and improve the overall efficiency.

icon-Fast & Effective Engagement.png
Fast & Effective Engagement

Teachers, parents, and operators can communicate through a centralised platform, reducing the need for multiple emails and phone calls.

icon-Better Information Management.png
Better Information Management

Storing student information, progress reports and other important data securely and in a centralised location, making it easily accessible and reducing the risk of data loss

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