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Enterprise Risk Services, Reports, and Insights

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RA Connect is an application by which Deloitte, the precursor in finance, wants to connect their staff in the Risk Advisory (RA) devision from all over the world. The RA help organizations take a Risk Intelligent approach to managing financial, technology and business risks.
This application can be seen as a form of social media where their RA staff can host or attend events and share their knowledge, stories, articles, media, etc., related to the RA activities within Deloitte.
We helped Deloitte with all the technical matter of the project, while they provided us with the design.



Needing to deploy to the Deloitte Azure server and passing an audit from Qualys.
Having to create a sync feature between the application and the Azure Active Directory to create the login feature of this application with SSO from Azure Active Directory.
Building an application which is functional on multiple operating systems, without losing performance on the application.



The application was finished and ready to deploy to the App Store and Play Store within 4 months. Along with that, we managed to create a CMS for them.
We successfully managed to pass the Qualys audit and created the SSO with the Azure Active Directory.

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